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Premium Products, Donating 50% of Profits To Project Night Night


 Alika, now 11 years old, started Beauty By Alika when she was 7. One day in the car, she came up with an idea to make and sell her own brand of lip moisturizers. She wanted to donate money to kids that were less fortunate then she is. When we got home, she mapped out her plan. 

We found the highest quality ingredients for the products, she decided on flavors, and then we found a charity for her to donate to. 


She chose Project Night Night. It is an organization that provides a tote bag filled with a blanket, a book, and a stuffed animal to homeless children to give them a sense of security wherever they rest their heads at night. For more information on Project Night Night, you can visit their website at: 

Beauty By Alika donates 50% of profits to Project Night Night. 

In her young age, Alika has already been the recipient of 2 Character Pillar awards for her caring spirit at school, has been apart of the Student Leadership Group for three years now, and is a Reading Tutor for younger grades and just recently made the Honor Roll at her Middle School. She was also on the Student Council. With her extraordinary vision, she will make a big difference in this world.  

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